S-1500 NCP

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S- 1500 

Grøn S-1500 - art. nr. NCP15G

Sort S-1500 - art. nr. NCP15SO

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A Chair Made Out of Recycled Plastic from
the Fish Farming Industry in the North of Norway

We believe that it is necessary to switch the current conversation on plastic, from seeing it as a cheap and disposable material to treating it as the robust and reusable material that it really is. How can we trigger more awareness on the issue and educate younger generations through an object of design?

The solution came from the North of Norway. Its innovative and sustainable fish farming industries like Kvarøy Fiskeoppdrett and Nova Sea are keystone businesses that provide wealth to and sustain human settlements in local communities. After visiting fish farming production sites, it became evident that the industry’s main plastic waste, such as fishing nets, ropes and pipes, are valuable resources that can be put to use in other arenas. Once these components are worn out they can be collected, processed and subse- quently grinded into a granulate that can be injected in new shapes, generating endless of possibilities for developing new objects with.

From this insight, the idea of creating a chair made from recycled fish farming plastic waste came to life. A chair that communicates the journey of the plastic material, from its use in the fish farms, to chairs, and subsequently to other products when the chair has completed its life cycle.

The S-1500 chair references the textures, colors and crafts of its origin in the North of Norway. The chair- shell is made from 100 % recycled Norwegian plastic and the chair’s subframe is obtained by recycled Norwegian steel. The chair is a redesign of Bendt Winge’s classic R-48 chair, also produced by NCP.

The goal is both to inspire big industries to make changes in how they produce and reuse valuable surplus material and to engage younger generations through a product that they can relate to in their everyday lives.